ARTexhibitionLink's Annual Summer Show 2008
S. Severa, outside Rome, Italy
Exhibition Invitation
Elise Blue (Internship Summer Show 2008), Installation, Ryan Richey, Uncle Robin
Elise Blue, Installation, Ryan Richey, Uncle Robin. S. Severa 2008
Ryan Richey, Christopher Cannon. S. Severa 2008
Chris Reilley, S. Severa 2008
Christine Prinz. S. Severa 2008
Claus Haensel, Pools, Myeongbeom Kim, Photography, S. Severa 2008
Myeongbeom Kim, David Criner, Christine Prinz, S.Severa 2008
Chris Reilley, Video, Sunah Yun and Christian Rieben, S. Severa 2008
Outside View
Outside View
Photographs by Anna Cerniglia (Internship Summer Show 2008)
F i n i s s a g e
The Summer Show 2008 at the Castello S. Severa/Rome - Italy ended. The artists Claus Haensel (Germany), Christian Rieben (USA) and Sunah Yun (USA) have been officially selected for Berliner Liste 2008. Images on under galleries: ARTexhibitionLink- Gallery UNO - Chicago. In addition ARTexhibitionLink shows works by Chris Reilley, David Criner, Christine Prinz and the sculpture Uncle Robin by Ryan Richey. All artists had solo shows at ARTexhibitionLink's Gallery UNO in Chicago and were part of our Summer Show in S. Severa this year.
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