Marina Haas
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Long thin strip: door openings,
the more the doors close,
the thinner the strips
You see: part of a chair
                 part of a dog
                 part of a table,
                           a telephone, a radio
                           a sofa, a refrigerator...
They are like a diary

– Marina Haas

Strip Strap – we are drawn into Marina Haas's world of humor and determination with a touch of intellectual curiosity. Moving through her house tells us her "diary." The story is depicted with playful ambiguity. "A good painting has ambiguities which we never get to grips with," said David Hockney, an artist who reminds me strongly of Marina Haas's work. The same sense of composition, the same "cut off," the same sense of movement, the same sense of seeing. As in Hockney's, we go on looking, questioning, discovering. An intense sense of seeing, a wonderful sense of movement... Marina Haas's world is an "open" world that invites us to step in and explore "einen Ort" – a "place."

– Barbara Goebels-Cattaneo
Guest Curator and Art Historian

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