David Cottingham
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Moon on the Water

Moon on the water, magically
The bluest light now falls upon the world
And memories of midnight safely gather here,
Within this timeless sea, a halo
Like a holy light appears.

It touches the horizon of the earth,
A rain drop moving on its face,
This liquid eye looks out towards the heart
And melts that very moment shared
When all our dreams of night can start.

The Drowning Sun

The daily fire is drowned within the storm,
A million light years cannot dim its reign.
Across the heavens a chariot of gold
Rides out again towards the open sea,
An infinite sight, the world's redundancy.

A sunset is a commonplace
But seen by us in cataclysmic light,
It rushes to the ocean as a burning sphere
That rolls across the evening endlessly,
To bring us from the fire, a certain night.

Catalog Statement

The acrylic abstracts are inspired by landscapes, both observed, remembered or imagined and sometimes relate back to my earlier work in sculpture and painting. They are made by dragging and dripping the paint, as well as using the brush. These images contain overlaid glazed areas where planes, levels, horizons and depths are combined. The colour is often mixed with gloss medium to give a high degree of translucency, creating intense colour areas.

I believe in the art of painting and drawing as a vehicle for a poetic and evocative expression of the world. I want to create an art of richness, spontaneity, sensuality, and style. My work is concerned with the two great themes of art, the human body and the landscape. It draws on many influences, from nature to photography, music and dance. For me with their diversity, the abstract and figurative traditions still resonate and seek new paths in the 21st century.

Kandinsky: "The psychological power of colour...calls forth a vibration from the soul."

Mark Rothko: "Art is an adventure into an unknown world."

David Cottingham

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